We have established EV lab at

Outcomes of EV lab setup

  • Offer MTech/PG diploma in BMS algorithm Development

  • Offer MTech/PG diploma in EV Powertrain Development

  • Offer MTech/PG diploma in Embedded Software Development

  • Offer Specialisation courses/ EV Minors for BE students

  • Offer research programs on Battery, BMS, EV powertrain, Vehicle Control Algorithms Development, Thermal Management & More

  • Offer Short term certification courses

  • Publish research papers & IP’s

  • Offer consultancy services & testing facility for industry projects

EV Lab Establishment by Decibels Lab

The automotive industry is undergoing a significant shift towards electrification, posing challenges in sourcing skilled resources. In response, Decibels Lab has taken the initiative to create a practical learning opportunity for colleges & organizations. Our objective is to prepare engineers for the burgeoning Electric Vehicle (EV) industry by providing comprehensive lab setups & training.

This strategic move aims to address the evolving technology landscape brought about by the shift to electrification. Areas such as Battery Technology, Thermal Management Systems, Motor Controllers, Motors, and Battery Management Systems are now critical in the industry. Decibels Lab's EV lab setup serves as a practical learning environment, enabling both students and professionals to acquire the essential skill sets needed in this transformative era.

Decibels Lab has already made significant strides by establishing EV Lab setups in esteemed institutions such as RVCE - Bangalore (Karnataka’s 1st EV Nodal Training Center), Manipal Institute of Technology - Udupi, DKTE Society's Textile & Engineering Institute - Ichalkaranji, Vishwakarma Institute of Technology - Pune, Christ University - Bangalore, Pillai College of Engineering - Mumbai, established EV labs at Tata Motors plants such as Dharwad, Pune, Lucknow, and Pantnagar and Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) in Bengaluru. These partnerships underscore our commitment to fostering a skilled workforce and facilitating a seamless transition into the dynamic field of Electric Vehicles.