Our Course Participants

Crafted Their Dream Career With Decibels Courses

“I've landed a job opportunity while still working on your Battery Management Algorithm Development course. The course's quality and skills taught have been instrumental in this success. Learning MATLAB for 1-D Simulation has been especially helpful for tackling complex tasks easily. The Li-Ion Cell Modeling module provided crucial insights into battery behavior, and the hands-on experience with testing tools was invaluable. Thank you for the comprehensive and industry-relevant program, and for your exceptional support and guidance.”

“The Master Course in Electric Vehicle Powertrain Design & Validation by Decibels Lab has helped me to land my dream job. The entire course is designed in such a particular way that it bridges the gap between the educational system and industry standards. The assignments, Projects & Testimonials after each course helped me apply what I learned. The contents are relevant to industry expectations and I would like to thank Suraj Sir & entire Decibels Lab Team for their continuous support & motivation throughout the path. ”

“The powertrain modeling course by Decibels Lab has been the sole reason for me to land my dream job. The contents of this course are extremely relevant to what the industry expects and the instructors deliver the content in an easy-to-understand manner. It is absolutely value for money and the duration of the course is ideal too. Thank you Decibels Lab for making my path to my dream job a lot easier with your high-quality content! ”

Past Student Placements

“Before joining the Master Certification Course in Automotive CAE from Decibels Lab, I was working as an assistant professor in the department of mechanical engineering & I want to switch my career towards the CAE industry. It's a great challenge for me to change domains after 8 years of working in the teaching field & I came to know about the Decibels Lab. After that, I joined their Master Certification Course in Automotive CAE & undergone Automotive CAE training in Decibels Lab. The way they taught me was amazing. It's given me a lot of exposure to Industry oriented projects and cleared my doubts practically. My mentor Thara madam helped out me very well to learn this master course. It was a good experience in Decibels Lab. I also thank Suraj sir for his guidance which motivated me to complete the course successfully. Now I am confidently entering the CAE industry. I strongly suggest Fresh Graduates and those who want to change their careers do Master Courses in Decibels Lab.”

“After my graduation, Because of a lack of proper guidelines. I worked in a different sector which was irrelevant to my mechanical stream. Then had a word with the Decibels team, They went through my profile and guided me to take the course which was relevant to my stream. While pursuing a master's course in Automotive CAE, I faced many challenges as I had lost touch with the basics. Thara madam and Suraj sir helped me to learn and face the difficulties and this helped me to get placed in the CAE industry. The content of the course and the projects done is relevant to industry expectations & standards. I would like to thank Thara' mam, Suraj sir, and Naveen sir for their guidance and support throughout the path.”

“As I can say from Decibels Lab I always tried to do some courses from the past two years and tried contacting Mr. Suraj we discussed many a time but always there is something I wasn't able to match up but yes one thing Mr. Suraj always pushed me, helped me whenever I called him asking about what suits my profile as a mentor as a guide he has always supported me a lot, thanks to him Yeah but this time it happened and I think because of his and the Decibels Lab team's effort I can make this possible. The Masterclass course has helped me and I think everyone who has enrolled in this Masterclass course provides excellent learning and experience for the future who wants to enter the world of EV. Thank you”

“Placed in Robert Bosch”

“Placed in Tata Technologies ”

“Placed in Hero Electric”

“Placed in Robert Yulu”

“Placed in DeltaX Automotive”

“Ward Wizard Innovations & Mobility Ltd”

“Placed in Cientra Tech Solutions”

“Placed in Sloki Software Technology LLP”

“Placed in Sloki Software Technology LLP”