Decibels Labs collaborates with Formula Bharat

Decibel Labs is pleased to announce a collaboration with Formula Bharat for this season. Formula Bharat is an Indian engineering design competition is which student teams from all over the country, design, build and compete with a life-size Formula style vehicle. The competition hosts both combustion and electric vehicle categories. It attracts a participation of 3000+ students and 250+ volunteers each year.

Trusted by engineers at racing teams

Venugopal Prathimala

M.Sc in Vehicle Engineering, KTH Sweden, Formula Student, Hyperloop, CTO at Decibels

As a course creator, I feel privileged to share my knowledge I have gained over extensive research at my university, academics, racing & industry consulting projects. As an ex. Team president of SAE E-Baja team at my university back in India, we were having no exposure to use MBD tools & make decisions. It's a similar case with many other teams too. I had a bridging opportunity to work in MBD before I joined masters, now I lead the powertrain simulation team at KTH student racing and KTH Hyperloop. I have spent over 2000+ Hours on MBD tools and I have tried to draft the content from my experiences to help the teams to start leveraging the MBD tools.

Aakash Deshmane

Drivetrain Engineer, Team Octane Racing Electric

Formula Bharat is a rigorous engineering design competition for students who are inclined towards the practical applications of knowledge more than theory. The electric vehicle category, an upcoming field in Formula Bharat, has a huge scope for research and development. Technically speaking, an electric powertrain requires a lot of model based designs and simulations to come up with optimum parameters. This can be quite challenging to teams who want to participate in the Electric Category at Formula Bharat. Decibels has correctly identified the problems the teams face in the development of EVs and are determined to train young students for the same through their courses. They aim to develop an ecosystem of engineers who are experienced enough in the EV sector even before they enter the industry. I am truly excited to see how the EV community in the Formula Student culture grows under this aim of Decibels Pvt. Ltd.

Sarvesh Deshmukh

Technical Lead, Kratos Racing

I have completed a 6 week EV powertrain, Li-ion cell & BMS modelling course at Decibels lab. I work in a formula student team Kratos Racing, I have known to fact that electric powertrain sizing & optimization is difficult for new EV teams. The course from Decibels not only focuses on the theoretical or the modelling part, but it also helps us understand the potential problems while implementing it practically. We were provided with realistic data while implementing models which helped me analyze models in great depth. The assignments were structured in a thoughtful manner which helped us extract most out of this course. Overall the course was insightful & it covered nearly every part of powertrain and modelling of EV.

The reason for learning

  • Build it industry way

    Any automaker or the F1 team uses the MBD approach in the complete PDC. Because, it saves times & gives us the analytical exposure to dynamic systems without even building one physically.

  • Course created by

    Learning content is created by engineers from industry, Formula Student Germany & Formula Bharath. It’s the balance b/w need for racing & for industry expectations.

  • Career scope

    Courses at Decibels not just helps you to build a race car. They lead you to secure internships & jobs by top recruiters. Because, you will gain equivalent project based learning exposure.